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Assessment results 2017

We are delighted with our results for the end of Key Stage One assessments. The children and staff worked very hard and our results are the same as or above national averages.

The percentages of children achieving expected standards or above were -

Reading 76%, national average 76%

Writing 76%, national average 68%

Maths 85%, national average 75%


In Year One children complete a phonic screening check. This tests their ability to use the phonetic knowledge they have been taught by reading a range of words, both real and made up. This year 85% passed the check, an increase on our last year's results and above the national average of 81%.
At the end of the Foundation Stage 79% of our children achieved what is called a "Good Level of Development". This is a government measure designed to measure attainment at the end of Reception. We are again, delighted with the amount of children who achieved this standard, and our results are improving year on year. We do not yet know the national average.
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