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Communication With Parents

We believe that good communication between home and school is crucial. We share information in many ways including -


Parent Mail. This is our main way of sending information home. You will be sent a text invitation asking you to sign up when your child starts school. Parent Mail is a quick and effective way of sending letters home, and in situations such as school emergency closures will be our main form of communication so please sign up.


Letters home via book bags, This is mainly for letters that have a reply slip.


Twitter. See link on home page or find us on @RaundsPark. We use twitter to share the exciting things we do at school, and all class teachers also have their own twitter page. @MrB_Buzzards @MissU_Robins @MissW_Owls @MissD_Starlings @MrsRM_Herons 
Please speak to a member of staff for more information or a quick training session!


Telephone. Please phone the school with urgent messages such as information about a change to who is picking your child up or if they are unwell. Mrs Marks can also help you with any other queries you may have - 01933 622415


E-mail. You can email the school office ( Or email your child's class teacher directly, their email addresses can be found on your child's class page.


In person. Members of staff are usually at the doors in the morning and end of school for you to have a quick talk to. If you would like to talk to a member of staff in more detail an appointment can be made via the class teacher or school office.


Interactive Learning Diary. In the EYFS staff and parents share information about their child's development. Please see the EYFS section of this website for more information,

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