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Raunds Park Infants believe that homework has the following main purposes:


  •  Developing an effective partnership between the school, and parents and other carers.
  • Giving parents insight into their child’s learning and achievements.
  • Reinforcing, consolidating and extending classroom learning particularly in numeracy and literacy.
  • Developing the confidence and self-discipline for independent learning.
  • Preparing children for junior school.


Homework given:

  • Foundation Stage – blending and number bags, daily reading practise (as appropriate). 

  • Key Stage One – Children will have a family challenge book where challenges are set every term. These challenges are linked to the Cornerstone’s unit being taught. Generally these are open-ended and can be completed and recorded in various ways. Children who complete a challenge earn 10 team points for their team!Maths homework is given using Abacus on-line homework system. Children who do not have access to the internet or a laptop/tablet at home are given opportunities to complete this work at school. Children are expected to read daily and may also have blending and number pots as appropriate. Phonics sounds sets may also be sent home as appropriate. Children in Key Stage One also receive spellings each week. It is important they practice these at home and are tested on them weekly.

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