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Paws, Claws and Whiskers -

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Term 2

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Soft fur, sharp claws and twitching whiskers ... What's your favourite animal? One that meows? One that barks? Or maybe one that scurries or slithers?

From pets at home to animals in the zoo, let's find out what animals like to eat and where they like to sleep. Do you know how to look after a rabbit? A cat? Or even a snake?

Find out how the elephant got his trunk and how the rhinoceros got his leathery skin ... Perhaps you know how the dog got his waggy tail? Can you make a food chain to show who eats who? Who is a herbivore and who is a carnivore?

When a gaggle of mysterious pets arrive at the local pet shop, it's up to you to take care of them. Feed them, clean them and discover their daily needs.

After all that work, curl up and take a nap ... a cat nap!

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Term 1 Superheroes

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KERPOW! Intergalactic greetings, young heroes.  It's time to rescue the planet from evil villains!

Who's your favourite superhero?  Spiderman?  Wonder Woman?  Maybe your heroes are ordinary people who've achieved great things.  Or is it those people who save lives in our emergency services that you admire most?

Superheroes have super senses.  Use yours to identify mystery items by their smell, taste, sound and touch.  What do true superheroes eat to keep their senses and special powers sharp?

Can we stop the dastardly plans of Professor Slime?  He's dropping his villainous instructions around town.  We must stop people following them, but can we make it in time?

Is that phone box free?  Please excuse me . . . I have to save the world! ZAP! WHIZZ! ZOOOOM!


Robin Class Essential Information

Robin Class P.E. Days


Please ensure that P.E. kit is in School on a Monday and Tuesday, any earrings are removed if possible and long hair is tied back.  Thank you! smiley

Robin Class Library Day

Our Library day is on Wednesday.

Your child is able to choose a library book on a Wednesday and keep it for a week.

*Permission slips must be signed and returned before your child is able to take a book*

Robin Class Reading Books

Reading books in Robin Class will be changed on a MONDAY and FRIDAY if they have been read at home.  Please indicate by signing your child's blue home-school reading record.

Robin Class Spelling Test

Children in Robin Class will be given a new list of spellings in their Spelling Book on a FRIDAY.

A Spelling test to check their spellings will take place the following FRIDAY giving the children 1 week to learn their spellings.  Please help your child to practise these spellings and encourage them to apply them in any writing done at home.  If your child knows the spellings confidently, practise writing them in a sentence and also remember to revisit spellings from previous weeks as sometimes they are not always retained.

Robin Class Maths Homework

Maths homework will be set on THURSDAY.  Your child will be able to Log In to their Abacus Account and complete the set homework based on the week's maths lessons.  Children completing homework each week will receive a certificate at the end of term.

Robin Class Family Challenges

Each child has their own Family Challenge Book.  There is a list of ideas you can complete together at home to supplement the theme in Class.  We would like each child to complete at least 1 challenge, but there is no limit!  Each challenge completed and brought to School can earn 10 team points and an acknowledgement in our Celebration Assembly! 

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