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Visions and Values

Mission Statement -

At Raunds Park Infant School our aim is to create a happy and caring learning environment where we all feel valued and secure.


  • To provide a broad and interesting curriculum taught through a creative, thematic approach, which is enhanced by the use of visits, visitors and the local community.
  • To encourage and expect high standards of behaviour.
  • To promote a happy atmosphere in school, and help develop every child's personal, social and emotional development to enable them to be successful learners.
  • To promote positive and meaningful partnerships between staff, parents and the community and to work together as a big family.
  • To promote values across all aspects of school life to help children become responsible and valuable members of society.


We believe that values should be at the heart of all we do and have a set of 6 core values that we teach the children about. We learn about one value each term. Children are praised for demonstrating the value, and at the end of each term 2 children are selected from each class to be our "Value Hero" as they have demonstrated the value so well. These children are given a special badge and their photo is displayed on our Values Tree for all to see. We encourage families to get involved with discussing the value and exploring it's meanings at home.

Our 6 values are -







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