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Expected Reading Levels

In order for your children to meet 'End of Year Expectations', Class Teachers monitor the children's reading levels carefully and they are tracked termly against the 'Expected Reading Levels' Grid. Children need to be reading at the levels indicated on the 'Expected Reading Levels Grid' below in order to meet the 'End of Year Expectations' for their Year Group.

Your child should be reading books with approximately 90% accuracy (9 out of 10 words read correctly) in order to get the most from them. Reading scheme books are carefully levelled books so that children can read enough of the words to be able to enjoy the book without getting so frustrated that they lose interest and give up.   Children should move up a reading level when they are ready, not just when they have read every book available at that level.  Children are encouraged to be able to comprehend confidently what they are reading and not just de-code and read the words in front of them.
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