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Shakespeare Story Trail

We would like to inform you of an exciting opportunity for all pupils. Mr Maddern, one of our parents, is

involved with The Shakespeare Story Trail and has invited pupils to take part in the dress rehearsal on Friday

22nd April. It is an interactive play that take place at different locations around Northampton for each scene.

As we think this is a unique opportunity, if you would like to take your child to this event, we will authorise their

absence for next Friday afternoon to enable you to take them to Northampton. There will not be any

supervision from school staff and you will need to stay with your child as you travel to the different locations.

You can collect your child from school at 1pm to drive to Northampton and park in St. John's car park in

Northampton, NN1 1HA. Then walk to Chalk Hill car park NN1 2RW where you will be met by the customer

service team who will explain in detail what to expect (the reason for not parking in that car park is because it

will be a very long walk back to it once finished, where as St. John is more central and works for moving to the

second area of the performance).

The show is running at 2hr 30-35mins and as there is no interval, please can you bring drinks and

refreshments to snack on in between scenes.

We will need to know numbers by Thursday 21st April as places need to be booked. If you would like to attend

please email We apologise for the short notice. Additional

information can be found on the attached flyer. If you have any questions please come into the office.

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