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The Reading Spine

At Raunds Park Infant School, we want our School to be a place where children are read to, enjoy, discuss and work with high quality books.

The 'Reading Spine' is a core of books that create a living library inside a child's mind.  It is a store of classics and essential reads that help children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story.  We have provided the 'Pie Corbett Reading Spine' in our Classrooms so that children have access to these high quality texts.

We plan to use the books in every year group over the School Year.  If your child has spent 3 full School Years at Raunds Park, by the time they leave at the end of Year 2, they will have been immersed into 42 of the most fantastic books available to children!

The Reading Spine Books

List of each Year Group's Reading Spine Books

It would be fantastic if children could also be exposed to these stories at home so if you wish to build your child's book collection, please use the lists for guidance.


We echo the thoughts of Pie Corbett;

"Great books build imagination.  Each great book develops the imagination and equips the reader with language.  Great stories build our language because around 75% of our vocabulary comes from our reading'


Pie Corbett's Reading Spine

Kingfisher Woodpecker