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Year 2


In Year 2 children are formatively assessed by class teachers against the interim framework (attached below) and summatively at the end of the year though SAT testing. At the end pf year 2, children are assessed as working below age related expectations, working towards age related expectations, working at age related expectations or working at greater depth. It is important to mention that although most children will sit the SAT test, the end of term 'grade' is not simply as a result of a child's SAT test. In year 2 end of year assessments are decided by the class teacher, SAT tests are just another piece of evidence that a teacher may choose to utilise.

In class

In year 2, the teachers utilise the Power Maths Scheme of Learning to plan and resource their lessons. This scheme of work is widely used across Northamptonshire and the UK and works towards a 'mastery curriculum' as outlined by the government when they amended the National Curriculum in 2016.


Children are given the opportunity to use concrete resources, pictures and numbers to solve mathematical problems. Mathematical concepts are broken down into small steps and aim to give children a solid understanding of the concept. This means that children will spend a number of weeks on a concept e.g. 4 weeks on addition and subtraction, before they move on to the next one.


How can you help at home?

  • Completing homework set by class teachers.
  • Talking to children about what they have learnt in maths and provide them with opportunities to apply (Year 2 Maths Padlet)
  • Complete Maths of the Day activities at home.
  • Help your children with the basic skills in maths: addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, number bonds, telling the time, money.


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