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There are many things that you can do to help your child settle into School life.

Please watch our support videos to explain how we are teaching your child early Reading, Writing and Mathematics:

Practical Help

You can help your child to be independent by practising the following with them at home:

  • putting on coats and doing up fastenings

  • putting on shoes and socks

  • putting on and removing own school uniform (ready for PE)

  • opening and closing lunch boxes, flasks, yogurt lids etc

  • use the toilet independently

  • use a knife and fork

  • tidy away the things they have been using or playing with

  • encourage your child to tidy independently

Help with Learning:

  • Make reading time at home a special time that you both look forward to - sharing stories together, as well as reading their school reading book.

  • Try and practise your child's blending bag regularly.

  • Play number games at home and point out numbers while you are out and about.

  • Count (forwards and backwards), sing number songs and talk about numbers.

  • Count objects eg. potatoes in a bag, coins in a jar, buttons in a box.

  • Engage in any topic related activities.