Accessibility Tools



The main aim of this thread within the Kinetic Letters lessons are to "build physical strength to help with concentration and the ability to hold and manoeuvre the writing tool for extended periods of time without tiring" (Margaret Williamson) 

Through a series of different activities, the children will develop their;

  • pelvic girdle strength
  • shoulder girdle strength
  • forearm and wrist strength
  • hand and finger strength

The Animal Positions

These 'animal' positions are used throughout the School day e.g. sitting in the Gorilla position for the Teacher's input, waiting in line for Assembly in the Penguin position, answering the register in the Meerkat position. 

The children can also be encouraged to use these positions at home e.g. watching the television or using their tablet whilst in the Lizard position, listening to a story in the Lion position, reading their reading book in the Gorilla position.