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Raunds Park Infants believe that homework has the following main purposes:

  • Developing an effective partnership between the school, and parents and other carers.
  • Giving parents insight into their child’s learning and achievements.
  • Reinforcing, consolidating and extending classroom learning, particularly in Maths and English.
  • Developing the confidence and self-discipline for independent learning.

Homework given


  • Reading (expected to practise 5 times a week from the list below depending on the stage of learning your child is at)
    • The taught Set 1 sounds (green book) and Set 2 sounds (yellow book). Your children will receive a yellow book at the start of Term 3.                                                                    
    • Practise blending/reading of the words in their ‘word pot’.                                          
    • Reading their school reading book.   
  • Your child will receive a maths pack to practise their maths skills initially to 5  and then to 10.
  • Your child will receive a letter formation pack to practise their letter formations after we have taught a ‘letter family’. 

Year 1 and Year 2

  • Reading (expected to read 5 times a week)
  • Family Challenges

'Family Challenges' explained

These challenges are linked to the Cornerstones topic being taught. Generally, these are open-ended and can be completed and recorded in various ways. Children who complete a challenge earn 10 team points for their team (in Reception the children earn different treats depending on how many challenges are completed). We aim for all children will all complete at least one challenge per term. The Family Challenges list is stuck into your child's pink 'Family Challenge' book at the start of each new term. 

If you need any support with homework, please speak to a member of staff in your child's class. We can provide access to computers and resources if these are not available at home.