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Our Curriculum

We believe that 'Curriculum' is everything that we 'do' and 'teach' in school. It's the way we engage with each other; it's the way we engage the children in their learning; and it's the way we provide opportunities for all of our children.

In Key Stage One, we use the 'Cornerstones Curriculum' as a way to ensure we cover all the skills required by The National Curriculum. Children's learning is cross curricular and is based on themes, which change every term.

We try to give our children opportunities and experiences that they may not otherwise have - these includes visitors from specialists and visits out to places the children may never have been before.

Our themes, visitors and trips planned for the year 2020-2021 so far are detailed below (these will all be subject to Covid-19 Restrictions):

Term 1 - Moon Zoom

Term 2 - Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Term 3 - Dinosaur Planet

Term 4 - Bright Lights, Big City

Term 5 - Wriggle and Crawl

Term 6 - An Enchanted Woodland

The theme units have been carefully selected to ensure the curriculum is broad and balanced and that all National Curriculum Programmes of Study are taught. More information about each theme can be found within the Class Pages.

Example of a KS1 Topic Launch Day - Autumn Term 2019

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